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Law Firm WordPress Theme & Content Updates

Project goal 

Everett, Womble & Lawrence, LLC

Upon a server upgrade, the hosting provider of my client conducted a thorough evaluation of the site and identified that the current theme was outdated. Consequently, the client’s website was temporarily shut down, and all previous content and assets were promptly handed over to the client.


In response to this challenge, my role involved the meticulous recovery of all old content and SEO tags for each page. Subsequently, I undertook the task of reconstructing the entire site. Working closely with the client, I facilitated the selection of a new theme that met their preferences and requirements. The reconstruction process included the incorporation of the retrieved old content found online and the integration of updated content provided by the client. Through this collaborative effort, we successfully revitalized the website, ensuring it not only met contemporary standards but also retained the essence of the client’s vision and objectives.